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After work, I decided to walk South to Queen station and see if there were any interesting people to photograph on the street. I spotted this young guy hanging out close to where Shadow was set up playing some blues. His street fashion, including his tartan trousers caught my eye. I told him he looked interesting and that I was a street photographer, mentioning my 100 stranger project. I gave him my card and asked for a photo. He immediately jumped to the job (admitting he'd done some fashion modelling in the past). I took a few shots and he was really patient as I looked for different looks and angles. We talked a little and I told him to email me - maybe I'll need a model in the future !

Russell was waiting for a friend, he's a skateboarder and model. He's lived all across Ontario and now calls Toronto home. He's 22 years old, finished school and takes on whatever life presents him. I think this shot shows how comfortable he is in his life and in front of the camera.

I shot this with my 50mm/1.8 and got in nice and close. Afterwards, I was thinking a wider angle shot would have been nice to add context but I'm really pleased with the portrait.

Russell is #100 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at

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Climbing the urban wall

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The North Face promotion at Yonge Dundas Square

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt at TIFF

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One of my favourite new actors. Red carpet for 50/50.

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The morning of 9/11

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Picture taken in the neighbourhood of my wife's American friend's house.

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Love seat

Love seat - #250/365 by PJMixer
Love seat - #250/365, a photo by PJMixer on Flickr.
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I've been doing the 100 Strangers project for a couple of years and holding at no. 99 for a while. Around Yonge Dundas Square there's some new clever advertising on the benches and I noticed these folks enjoying a nice conversation framed perfectly for the "Love Seat" wording. I wanted a decent shot and couldn't easily take it without them knowing. So I approached them, deciding ahead of time that I wasn't going to formally ask their names and talk to them for my stranger project, but rather simply say hello and ask if it was ok to take their photograph. I gave them one of my cards and asked them to continue as they were, I took a few shots, then showed them what I'd taken. In comparison to the extra effort it takes to talk to people and find out a little more about them for the 100 Stranger project, I felt much more relaxed and less rushed. I'd read a guest post by David Powell on DPS about lessons learned from daily shooting and in point 3 he simply says "The approach I have taken that seems to work is being genuine and I simple ask ‘Do you mind if I take your photo?’. Often I will ask them to continue doing whatever they are doing and I take my shot." It definitely worked for me today.

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A question for Duff

A question for Duff - #244/365 by PJMixer
A question for Duff - #244/365, a photo by PJMixer on Flickr.
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I met up with some old friends at the CNE and their son was very excited to see Duff Goodman who hosts Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. Duff started taking questions from the audience right away and our fan had his hand up almost the whole time. I was asking his mom - what's his question, she didn't know. As the session was winding down, our fan got closer to the stage and finally Duff saw him. He asks "can I be on The Sweet Life" which is Duff's new show. Duff ums and ahs and finally says yes !

Four five six clean

Four five six clean - #243/365 by PJMixer
Four five six clean - #243/365, a photo by PJMixer on Flickr.
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Played my best round of golf ever today - a 19 over 90 at Tam O'Shanter even though I butchered the 18th with my only triple bogey of the day. I was tied with my son going into the 18th - he parred it for the win (gross) but I won net (he gave me 10 strokes).