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Pipes - #138/365, originally uploaded by PJMixer.

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I met Dan at The Toronto Downtown Record Show. What caught my eye was his collection of autographed albums, including quite a mix of artists, from Little Richard to Simple Minds and George Thorogood. But the last album in the crate was Wreckless Eric. The odd thing is that I'd downloaded one of their tracks called (I'd go the) Whole Wide World a while back because I heard it in a great movie. Dan didn't know this quirky little music tidbit, I couldn't remember all the details when I first talked with Dan. I made a point of going back to Dan and telling him it was Fill Ferrell who sung it in Stranger than Fiction Dan has a massive vinyl collection and got most of the autographs himself. Dan is also president of a record company called Flaming Cheese. Thanks for hamming it up for the camera Dan !

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Fairy light mall veil

Just before I was told by the security guard that I couldn't take photos in the mall.

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Wet street abstract

Wet street abstract - #120/365, originally uploaded by PJMixer.

Misstress Barbara

Mistress Barbara - #119/365, originally uploaded by PJMixer.
Opening for Champion and Beast at The Guvernment.

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Andy - stranger #45 and daily photo #118/365, originally uploaded by PJMixer.

On my walk to the subway, I occasionally see this gentleman walking the other way wearing an Arsenal hat.  I'm an Arsenal fan.  Arsenal are one of the top football (you may say soccer) teams in the world.  I've been meaning to stop and talk to him and take his photo for my 100 Stranger project and today was a perfect opportunity as Arsenal had qualified for the quarter finals of the Champions League just yesterday.

He name is Andy and he's been an Arsenal fan for about 4 years which is about the same time I've been following The Gunners.  He remembers watching the 2004 World Cup and loving the game, not to mention the lack of commercial interruption !  He's originally from England too, but was only 3 when he came to Canada, although it seemed he hadn't really felt the football in his blood until 2004.  His family were Crystal Palace supporters and Andy wanted to support a London team, so he chose Arsenal.  We talked enthusiastically about Arsenal, football and sports in general for quite some time.

He hadn't seen yesterday's game, but reads a lot about football on the BBC's web site.  Andy loves the world of football, the UK newspaper headlines, the big business aspects, the politics, the personal rivalries, and the complexity of the various leagues (especially relegation scenarios - where would the Leafs be playing if the NHL had relegation?) and international competitions.  And of course, the passion of the fans.  He compared what he'd seen at a Univesity of Michigan (American) football game, the singing, chants and crowd participation with what is common with football (soccer) in most parts of the world.  He'd seen a lower league Colchester game a few years ago on a visit back to England and commented on the football way of life, traditions and importance of football at all club levels.  I couldn't help connecting his comments to some of by blog posting about
football, especially

He finds that hockey is full of chippy violence today and recalls there was far less violence when he used to watch the "original 6" play.  Another reason he now focuses his time on football.

Andy is #45 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at

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2 minutes to go - Ryerson Engineering 2010 Charity Bug Push for Sick Kids

2 minutes to go - #112/365, originally uploaded by PJMixer.

See the set Ryerson Engineering 2010 Charity Bug Push for Sick Kids for the full story.

I heard about this great charity event on the radio and made a point to go out and capture a few shots when they wrapped up their 24 hours on Thursday March 4, 2010.

Josh was the spokesperson for the group and the one in most of my photos. There was a large group of Ryerson University students on the committee and they had about 30 people help with the 24 hour push. They even got some people just passing by to help push for a little while. This was the 8th year Ryerson has done this and the 2nd year for this 1957 VW Bug. They had a pretty serious emergency this time around when the axle broke, in the last shot in the set you can see how they fixed it - the amazing thing, Josh fixed this while lying on his stomach as the guys continued to push it around the loop (and keeping with rule that the car had to keep for 24 hours).

Next year, they plan to have a bigger sound system. Well done lads. 

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