Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ian, originally uploaded by PJMixer.
Our friends had a casual neighbourhood Christmas party on Saturday night and I enjoyed talking with quite a few new people. I got talking with Ian late in the evening about cameras and photography. I may have been introduced to Ian at last year's party, but I don't think we talked very much, so I say it's ok to add Ian to my stranger project. Ian lives across the road from our friends and when I took my camera out, he quickly started to ask me questions about cameras.

When you get keen photographers talking about their hobby (or probably any hobbyist, the time just "flashes" by. Ian used to shoot with a Pentax SLR and is now looking to get a DSLR, so his questions were coming fast and furious on my recommendations and all things photography. He had his eye on the K-5, and from what' I've heard from past Pentax DSLR reviews, this should be a fantastic camera. But Ian may also considering Nikon, so the Nikon D90 is probably a really good buy at the moment. Nikon has released the D7000 (which would be my choice for my next camera), but it's significantly higher priced than the very good D90. But there are rumours the D90 is going to be replaced, so perhaps keen an eye on Nikon Rumours if you're in the market.

Another friend of mine was also involved in the conversation, and when we got on the subject or offboard IR controlled flash, I had him hold the flash to the left side of Ian and I took a few shots to demo the capability. I had the D80's [flash] commander setting at -1 EV for the pop-up and the remote SB-600 for this shot. I really like Ian's natural look, rather than a party pose and smile you often get in these situations.

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