Tuesday, May 3, 2011

YDS panorama (Sansung test)

YDS panorama (Sansung test), originally uploaded by PJMixer.

Via Flickr:
I've been having lots of trouble with Bell Mobility coverage on my Blackberry from my office over the last 6 months. My corporate office sent my a Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone today for a comparative wireless reception test (it was much better). So a took a few minutes to play with the panorama camera features before heading home. I took quite a few shots, but most suffered from poor focus in the centre of the shot or I rushed the composition while fumbling with my umbrella. This one had a decent compromise of a composition that captured the majority of Yonge Dundas Square with acceptable sharpness (just). I applied a little camera distortion correction in Photoshop and also boosted the contrast and sharpness. The camera had some good manual controls, but most controls were shut off shooting in panorama mode. The camera software did a nice job helping you align your next shot with frame and direction indicators.

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