Wednesday, August 3, 2011


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One of the joys of working at Yonge and Dundas is the variety and number of people about and the events that occur at Yonge Dundas Square. Today, there was a small exhibit bringing attention to the crimes of human trafficking, called FACE IT. The exhibit asked people to write something as a contribution or have their photo taken to be part of a petition that the group hope to take to the Canadian government (as Canada unfortunately does have a serious criminal role to play in this growing global concern).

I had my photo taken, then asked one of the volunteers about the exhibit and about herself as part of my 100 Stranger project. Tonya and her husband moved to Canada in May from Barbados. She has lived here in the past on a few occasions and says she's ready for the winter. She likes how multicultural Toronto is. As my wife and I had honeymooned and celebrated our 10th anniversary in Barbados many years ago, we talked a while about her beautiful homeland. She says that the resort heavy West coast is suffering and the reefs are starting to die, but luckily the East coast (her favourite part of the island) remains largely unspoiled.

I'm pleased that I had a chance to meet Tonya and include reference to such a worthy humanitarian cause in my project.

Tonya is #99 in my 100 strangers project.

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